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Happy Campurrs

Happy Campurrs

Welcome to Meowy Meadows RV Park!
Pack up your tastiest campfire snacks and scariest paranormal tails because we’re revving up for the best vacation ever! The weather furcast might be unpredictable but there’s one thing we know for sure: no trace of boredom will be left here.

Each Happy Campurrs meowbox includes a combination of 5 of the ameowzing goodies listed below.
Please note, the toys and treat in your box may vary depending on available inventory

What's Inside

Everstar Bug Meowsquitos Be Gone 2-pack catnip toy
Spray away boredom with double the catnip-stuffed fun. A pest your kitty camper will embrace with open paws!

Kitty Catnip Warm Your Whiskers catnip toy
Filled with catnip, this toy is bound to fire up kitty’s playful instincts. Spooky ghost tails not included.

Kitty Catnip Purrfectly Toasted wand
Your cat will always be up for s’more playtime with this treat of a toy.

Natural Cat Paws On The Wheel Silvervine Toy
Gear up for a good time (a wheel-y good time, even) with a sniff of this silvervine.

Yappetizers 100% Pure Freeze-Dried Salmon
Keep kitty fuelled for any adventure with these protein-packed, all-natural treats.

The Warm Cats Cozy Kitty Grandmeow blanket toy (no food substitute)
It will be catnap o’clock by the time kitty’s done slobbering all over this knit toy.

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More than just a lot of fun

meowbox goodies are specially designed to engage your cat’s natural instincts, offering regular mental stimulation and exercise.