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Spaw Day

Spaw Day

Light a soothing candle, run the purrfect bubble bath; paint your claws your favorite color and take a long refreshing nap. If you need to melt some stress away, here's your official sign: Being that cute is hard work and mew deserve to unwind! 

Each Spaw Day meowbox includes a combination of 5 of the ameowzing goodies listed below.

Please note, the toys and treat in your box may vary depending on available inventory.

What's Inside

Catnip Green Juice Kicker

Catnip Cucumber Slices

Catnip Nail Pawlish Flat

Catnip Nail Pawlish

Catnip Bubble Bath

Catnip Candle

Bocce's Bakery Catnip & Chicken Recipe

Catit Insect + Herring Nuna Treat

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More than just a lot of fun

meowbox goodies are specially designed to engage your cat’s natural instincts, offering regular mental stimulation and exercise.