Image of a black and white cat laying next to the Meowrine Life meowbox

A monthly cat subscription box

Fun, themed goodies for your cat, shipped to you monthly

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⚞ What's in a meowbox? ⚟

meowbox is a subscription box for cats, shipping fun themed toys and delicious treats to your doorstep monthly or every other month. Each item is thoughtfully selected or designed to provide healthy enrichment and promote active play.

  • A mostly white cat with some black on its head and a black tail wearing a green jersey about to catch a football

    Cat toys

    Discover unique toys you can’t find anywhere else, including goodies crafted by small businesses and artisans. Toys are strategically designed to engage your cat's natural hunting instincts, such as pouncing, chasing and scratching.

  • A red (beige) cat laying on its back, upside down, eating a brown colored treat

    Cat treats

    The tasty, healthy snacks in your kitty's meowbox are organic, small-batch, grain-free, or contain simple, wholesome ingredients. 

    For cats with special diets, select the "No treats" option to replace snacks with an extra toy.

  • A black cat with white paws chewing on the teal ribbon that wrap around the meowbox its laying on top of

    A box!

    What brings a cat more joy than a cardboard box? Not only are meowboxes the purrfect size for kitty to squeeze into, but each box comes with a handwritten personalized greeting to your cat inside, making your special delivery extra special.

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white cartoon cat with black and orange spots hugging a black and white cartoon cat, holding a heart with a paw print on top

One Box Can

Every meowbox you buy helps feed a shelter cat.

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In 2023, together we donated:

  • 54,400

    lbs of food

  • 13


  • 3


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Proof we have the cutest customers around.

  • a white and grey fluffy cat sitting next to a meowbox full of cat toys
  • black cat sitting next to a meowbox full of toys
  • a fluffy brown and black cat rolling around on it's back playing with a meowbox and toys
  • a brown and black tabby cat nuzzling a meowbox full of cat toys
  • a brown tabby cat playing with a backery themed wand toy with a meowbox and cat toys all around him
  • a white and brown cat sitting next to a meowbox full of ice cream themed cat toys

With plans as low as $25.95 per month, what are you waiting for?