⚞ Why your cat needs enrichment ⚟

  • Cat playing with an Enrichment Toy

    Although cats are known for their independence, they truly thrive when they're surrounded by opportunities for sensory and social enrichment. Spending quality time with your cat is essential for their overall well-being and happiness (and yours, too)!

    Dedicating a few short playtime sessions with your cat every day helps relieve boredom, promote exercise, stimulate their minds, and most importantly, strengthens the friendship between you and kitty.

    Having various sources of enrichment available at home is especially important for indoor cats, who don't have access to outdoor stimuli.

Types of cat enrichment toys that you can find in your meowbox

  • black and white illustration of a kicker cat toy

    Kickers, Catnip & Chase Toys

    encourage instinctive hunting behaviors like ambushing, wrestling and swatting.

  • black and white illustration of a cat wand toy

    Wands & Teasers

    promote safe interactive play and cardio exercise.

  • black and white illustration of a tooth brush with a paw print (dental toys)

    Dental Toys

    help maintain oral health and provide mental and physical stimulation.

  • black and white illustration of a cat scratcher toy


    support nail health, stretching and stress relief.

  • black and white illustration of a ball of yarn

    Wool Toys

    provide tactile stimulation with their enticing texture and scent.

  • black and white illustration of a cat treat pouch


    introduce delicious textures and flavors, while reinforcing positive behavior.

  • black and white illustration of an interactive cat toy

    Interactive Toys

    like tunnels and food puzzles encourage problem-solving and exploration.

  • black and white illustration of a box

    The Box

    engages your cat's senses, enticing them to sniff, scratch and of course, squeeze inside!

Introducing your cats to a rotation of fun toys, tasty new treats and interactive activities incorporates novelty into their lives and helps prevent destructive behaviours. With meowbox, you can add a regular dose of enrichment to kitty's playtime without the hassle of constantly searching for new items.

Let our team of cat product experts do the choosing so you can focus on spending quality bonding time with your cat bestie!

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