Cat Food Textures Decoded

Cat Food Textures Decoded

This is a guest post by Ghergich and Co.

When it comes to feeding your beloved cat or cats, you want to make the best choice for their nutrition, longevity, and health. That may include wet food—but there’s not just one type of wet food. Taste, texture, and your cat’s preferences will all impact your eventual wet food choice.

For starters, wet food ranges from very smooth pate to a broth and more cube-like options. Then there are the ways you feed wet food, which differ from the ways you can feed dry food. Wet food must be put out and then put away if your cat doesn’t eat it. It’s also important to give your cat only the recommended amount of wet food to avoid unintended weight gain. And there’s an added benefit to wet cat food: It can help with hydration for your cat.

Want more wet food tips? Check out this graphic, which we created in collaboration with Petco.

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