Cozy DIY: Matching Throw Blankets for You and Your Cat

Cozy DIY: Matching Throw Blankets for You and Your Cat

Nothing quite complements a room like a snug throw blanket. And for those of us who adore our feline companions, what could be better than snuggling up with a matching blanket for you and your furry BFF? In this DIY guide, we’ll show you how to craft your own matching cozy throw blankets, purrfect for both human and feline relaxation time!

Getting started with knitting

If you’re keen to delve into a new crafty hobby, knitting is both rewarding and therapeutic. Rather than mindlessly scrolling through your phone during TV time, imagine creating something beautiful for your home! With a plethora of tutorials available on platforms like YouTube, even beginners can quickly pick up the basics. All you need to learn are two fundamental stitches, and you’ll be well on your way to crafting blankets and scarves with ease.

Adapting patterns for your cat

Converting a standard knitting pattern into one suitable for your feline friend is simpler than you might think. By halving the width and reducing the number of rows, you can tailor any pattern to create a cozy throw blanket for your cat. For instance, let’s take the Mama in a Stitch Fall Cuddler pattern as a reference point you can reduce as follows:

Cast on 38 stitches:
3 stitches each side for the border 32 stitches for the center pattern as it is made using multiples of four Reduce all rows by 50% except the eyelet section knit 2 eyelets instead of 1.5

Starting small

For those new to knitting, it’s advisable to begin with the kitty-sized throw blanket before tackling the larger human-sized version. Opting for patterns that use thicker wool will not only expedite your progress but also provide a sense of accomplishment sooner. The satisfaction of seeing tangible results will undoubtedly keep you motivated throughout your crafting journey.



Crafting matching throw blankets for both yourself and your cat is not only a delightful way to add a personal touch to your living space but also strengthens the bond between you and kitty. With a bit of creativity and some basic knitting skills, you can create cozy havens for both yourself and your pet, ensuring countless cuddles and moments of warmth for years to come. So, why not pick up those knitting needles and embark on a DIY adventure today?

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